At Bjoeks you can get acquainted with climbing in 1,5 hours, under supervision of a climbing instructor. It's not a basic course to prepare you for independent climbing; the goal is to climb as much as possible within the time given.

Introductions for one climber are also possible. If you're coming alone you pay the introduction price for two, but the instructor will belay you personally, inside or on Excalibur. Otherwise, if you bring someone to belay you, you pay the regular price, but the range of available timeslots may be limited.

For those who don't have enough experience we have various arrangements for groups, birthday parties or just two persons. To book an arrangement you can call 050 549 1230 or email us at

What should I bring if I want to go climbing?

When booking one of our courses, introductions or parties all material is provided. Don't forget to bring comfortable clothes and sneakers! In the climbing hall there are changing rooms for storing your clothes and taking a shower. Valuables can be kept safe behind the bar.