Airy and designed to impress, Excalibur will surely give you a unique climbing experience. 37 meters high and 11 meters overhanging!

Excalibur is meant to be a climbers destination. It is accessible only if you and your climbing partner have experience as independent climbers and if you are used to climbing at your own risk. That includes organizing your own climbing partner/belayer.

Are you qualified but coming alone? When you mail your phonenumber to info@bjoeks.nl we add you to the Whatsapp-group ‘Finding Bjoeks-partners’; there you can try to find a climbing partner. It usually works remarkably well!

By the way: it is possible to sleep overnight on top of Excalibur, a unique bivouacing experience! Evidently, you do so at your own risk.

When you come from far and you want to climb more than just one day in Bjoeks it may interest you to know that you can pitch your tent for free on the Bjoeks-grounds if you pay 2 consecutive days. The building is closed from 23 and 9.00 h. Bjoeks has showers and a small kitchen with a microwave and fridge.

All quickdraws and top anchors are in place. An 80-meter rope is more than enough (70 m will just do, with stretch). On the slabby side there are 2 topropes hanging permanently so Excalbur can be climbed with toprope experience only. Gear: harness and belay equipment you can use for free. An 80 meter rope costs € 4/day, climbing shoes are € 3,50/day. Excalibur is open during Bjoeks-hours, all year round, in all weather conditions. Beware of lightning!